Document management and workflow

document management and workflow management

Prepare for digital transformation with our content, workflow and document management solutions.

To efficiently manage the heterogeneity of information and content from different sources and devices, DueEsseTi offers Rapido-ECS®, the modular platform that facilitates user collaboration and contextualization of content to business processes. With Rapido-ECS®, information access is immediate and data security is guaranteed, increasing your company's productivity and efficiency. 

Document management and workflow

Document management and digital transformation: why they work

All your information digitized and easily accessible

Digitization makes documents easily and intuitively accessible-your business staff will always have everything they need to do their work.

The digital transformation redesigns and improves the processes that govern your business by merging data from different systems (dematerialization, CEM, electronic invoicing).

Access to information becomes immediate, security is assured-your business becomes more productive and efficient.

Rapido-ECS®, a document management and distribution system, effectively structures internal communication processes and activity flows-your business teams will increase the efficiency of their tasks.


  • Efficiency and operational quality
  • Better collaboration
  • Controlled access to information
  • Integrity and security
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Extension and Integration

Rapido-ECS® - Features

Workflow design and performance monitoring

With Rapido-ECS®, internal workflows are simplified. Each department quickly structures and modifies its workflows and assigns tasks to managers. The system automatically generates operational links and sequences, ensuring the automatic circulation of documents within the company.

Content and document management

Rapido-ECS® captures all of your company's paper and electronic content, from documents attached to e-mail to multimedia files. All content is indexed and organized into archives structured according to your business needs.

Content distribution and preservation

Rapido-ECS® provides complete document control and massive content distribution among users. The system manages the lifecycle of enterprise content in compliance with regulations and offers features for long-term archiving and controlled data destruction.

Library of additional modules

Rapido-ECS® can be integrated with various applications developed by Plugin, which extend its functionality, including:

  • advanced electronic signature(RAPIDO-SIGN),
  • electronic invoicing(RAPIDO-INVOICE),
  • GDPR compliance(RAPIDO-GDPR),
  • anti-money laundering compliance(RAPIDO-AML),
  • notarization of documents and processes(RAPIDO-BLOCKCHAIN)
  • expense note management(RAPIDO-XPENSE).

Some screenshots of the software

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