Industrial sector

industrial production

From job orders to accounting: discover our solutions for efficiently managing industrial production.

We make software for industrial production management, from job orders to accounting. In addition to management software, we provide solutions for advanced production control, improving its efficiency.

To be performant, they need to be integrated into your business processes, which is why we offer customization options, through the development of modules and customized software.

Industrial sector

Management software for manufacturing: the features

Customized solutions for your business

We work on Target Cross® sources and their many features; we customize them to meet the needs of your production model.

Job order management
and bill of materials

Information collected in an intuitive way

Software manages orders from order to delivery, creating interdependencies across all business areas, improving the performance of the entire system.

Software also organizes the bill of materials (components, semi-finished goods, raw materials). They collect information systematically and intuitively, providing all the elements for the development of the production process.


The complete picture of business performance

Management software for industrial accounting allows you to control product and job order costs and margins.

By organizing information, it provides a complete picture of the progress of operations and business results, facilitating your company's decision-making processes.

By integrating and speeding up operations, it reduces costs in terms of time and resources.

Data collection

Manage all work in progress

The production detection module captures real-time data on work in progress, machine status and the activities of factory workers.

Integrated with the management system, it allows several operations to be carried out intuitively, including: managing production progress, performing efficiency calculations, recording downtime, viewing the plant synoptic, and printing reports of production balances.


Manage the production plan and materials procurement

The module allows you to manage the production plan (MPS), performing aggregate planning with the ability to define insertable items, filter the production plan, and assign jobs.

The MRP enables material planning and procurement, up to the representation of cycle occupancy, machine load visualization and the ability to move and update cycles.

Job Order Network

The order crosses all business areas

Managing process interdependencies facilitates the cost planning and control system, making it more effective.

This module allows, through a single window, to intervene in the creation of the job order, creating multilevel bills of materials, managing multiple revision indexes of the same project, job inventories and extra-production processes.

They say about us

Here's what companies active in machine and plant manufacturing and plastics processing that have integrated our software into their processes are saying:

Other software offered for industrial planning: why they are needed

Improve control of your business production

Improving the control of increasingly complex production is essential. Business intelligence, CRM and document management software round out our industrial planning offerings.

Business Intelligence: intelligent presentation of data

Collection, management and analysis of all information

Business Intelligence collects and presents all data at a glance, facilitating the analysis of production trends.

Our software, Fluent BI, provides access to data from different business areas. It enables budget analysis by reclassifying data and business analysis (sales and inventory) by monitoring orders to suppliers and customer purchases.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

CRM: quotation and customer relationship management

Centralized organization of your data

CRM makes it possible to keep track of customer relationships, making information available to sales, marketing, and after-sales personnel and facilitating their work.

Configured according to your company's needs, OmnisCRM® organizes data in a unified and centralized manner. It improves enterprise resource management and increases efficiency while reducing costs.


Document management and workflow: beyond archiving

Connect people, processes and content

Through ECS software, files and features are shared, connecting people, processes and content.

Rapido-ECS® software designs and implements internal processes, making it possible to structure and modify activity flows and monitor their efficiency.

Document management and workflow
Document management and workflow
Software Development

Customized software development: maximum effectiveness

Solutions created based on your needs

We customize software for industrial production by employing different programming languages and development modes.

We make them according to your needs: in fact, to be efficient, it must integrate and adapt to your business processes.

Software Development

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