Target Cross Management Software

Target Cross Management Software

Target Cross: choose a simple, powerful and flexible enterprise ERP.

Target Cross® is a customizable, modular ERP management software that allows you to manage every aspect of your business, from purchasing to sales, from accounting to production and warehousing.

Thanks to object-oriented technology and the concept of formula or formula array parameterization extended throughout the application, Target Cross® is able to adapt to different business and industry needs.

Target Cross Management Software

Target Cross® for your business: discover the benefits of a next-generation ERP platform

  • A single integrated application
    Target Cross® ERP software integrates in a single application all the features needed to manage the company's lifecycle. From financial and inventory management, logistics and quality to sales force and CRM customer relationship management.

  • Flexible and Multiplatform
    Target Cross®'s Omnis Studio development environment enables the creation of enterprise applications in Windows and macOS environments and the creation of procedures for navigating between data, contained in different documents, according to customized business logic.

  • Native Multidatabase
    Data access modules connect natively to major databases, such as Ms SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others via JDBC and ODBC.

  • Fast and parameterizable
    Target Cross® is entirely database-driven, allowing it to be fast and flexible. It is parameterizable with formulas that allow you to act on data structures and display windows without changing the code.

Some screenshots of the Target Cross® management software.

Our Target Cross® management-based solutions.

Modules designed to meet all needs

DueEsseTi is a Target Cross® partner for Lombardy and Piedmont.

We totally control the source code of Target Cross®: this allows us to customize software ensuring adaptability and usability. We can, in fact, modify standard modules or verticalize solutions.

Our fast and effective development tools enable us to respond quickly to your requests. We tailor ERP solutions: we customize the management system according to the needs of your company and industry.

Target Cross® ERP software integrates all the functionality needed for the company's lifecycle into a single application. From financial and inventory management, logistics and quality to sales force and CRM customer relationship management.

Integrated modules in Target Cross®:

  • Finance: everything related to corporate accounting, from financial statements and reclassifications to depreciation, from bank statements to accruals, from home banking functions to dunning management.
    Distribution: designed for sales functions (sales and purchasing), complete with management of contacts and correspondence, monitoring of one's sales structure (agent budget and calculation of commissions).

  • Warehouse: management of all information related to the assortment: customer and supplier master data, items, price lists, discounts, orders, invoices, reminders, commissions, goods setups, and more.

  • Manufacturing: area for manufacturing companies, equipped with features such as bill of materials management, product configuration, production orders and scheduling, and machine loading.

  • Target Warehouse: advanced system for organizing physical warehouses (also in three-dimensional mode); allows to plan shipments, optimize goods picking, easily define a warehouse map.

  • ZooTec: a module designed for the animal husbandry sector (sales of products for Veterinarians and Pets); it allows you to manage items, branches, price lists, customer records, orders and inventory.
Specialized vertical modules by process

With a deep understanding of business processes, we developed specific modules to complement the standard product provided by Target Cross®.

IMGZ: program for warehouse management

Imgz is the module designed for warehouse management: it enables faster inventory control procedure and access to active/passive production cycles.

With an intuitive interface, the operator can align inventories, make adjustments, and initiate goods transfer, keeping complete track of the operations performed by the software.


Corporate Dashboard, also accessible as a web version, puts the most significant business data at your fingertips. It organizes offers, orders, Bills of Lading, due dates, reminders, outstanding invoices, items seen, forecasts, customer accounting situations and additional data in a simple and clear manner by year or month.

With Corporate Dashboard, the operator can find information scattered throughout the management system: making strategic decisions becomes easier.  

IDB: advanced reporting and statistics

Examining statistics at a glance is the starting point for developing strategic decisions.

Idb is the ERP software module for generating advanced statistics from a predefined database.

Through simple operations, the user can enter and edit analyses obtaining different views and data totals, directly exporting reports for printing.

INTERCOMPANY: document flow management

Intercompany facilitates the management of incoming and outgoing document flow between companies in a group, with the generation of item codes.

The purpose is to manage the flow of incoming and outgoing documents between companies in a group, monitoring all links between of documents: for example, importing a transport document will generate the fulfillment of a supplier order.

FLUENT ORDER: management for commercial agents

Fluent Order simplifies the management of your sales force

Organizes data related to customers (master data, order entry, order status, deliveries), promotions, changes on price lists, discounts and freebies, presenting all data with a simple and intuitive design.

Your agents will always be updated in real time on all technical and commercial documentation.

RU: human resources module

RU Human Resources allows you to manage everything having to do with personnel profiling: from master data to contract and payroll management, from training monitoring to PPE use, from access management to attendance tracking.

Thus it is possible to easily and intuitively keep track of the entire work history of employees and contractors.

RU also allows the management of multiple entities or companies, associating the same entity with relationships with one or more entities, and allows operation even remotely.

Customized vertical solutions by industry

With many years of experience in specific industries, such as industrial manufacturing, trade, apparel, and food service, we have developed vertical software that takes advantage of the great flexibility of Target Cross® ERP, using its setup, system architecture, and functional richness to offer solutions tailored to each industry.

Management for
industrial production

With DueEsseTi's modules, the company can manage the entire production, capturing data related to industrial processes, including interactions with the machine edge, job management, waste minimization, and production timing.

The production module, which can be integrated with Erp software, processes real-time data on processing, machine status and activities of factory workers.

Management for
trade and distribution

For companies active in the trade and distribution sectors , we develop modules for managing the sales network, warehouse and logistics, which enable easy and immediate management of incoming and outgoing item flows, customers and suppliers, and all relevant data.

Management for
textile and apparel industry

The Fashion module integrates management software for companies active in the production and sale of clothing.

It allows you to manage your assortment by categories (sizes, fabrics, compositions, pairings, seasons, items), gathering all the information, from the number of sizes per item, to fabrics and colors, compositions and pattern pairings to set variations.

Restaurant and foodservice management

RST is the vertical software for the restaurant industry that makes customer and supplier management easier.

In fact, the operator can control table assignments, ordering (including plate variants and shipments to the kitchen), daily receipts summaries, and orders to suppliers.

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