Textile sector

Clothing and textiles

Enhance your apparel production with software solutions for real-time data and analysis. Make informed business decisions with our services.

Our apparel and fashion software solutions provide real-time data and analysis so you can make better business decisions while managing finances, inventories, billing, accounts receivable and more.

Textile sector
Achieve your business goals with specific solutions for the fashion and apparel industry.
Optimize your fashion business with our software solutions. Save time, improve efficiency and empower your employees to increase your company's visibility.

Management of sizes, colors and other specifications

All information in one database

The Fashion module makes it easy and intuitive to manage your company's assortment by making data available. It collects all information, from the number of sizes per item, to fabrics and colors, to compositions and pattern pairings to set up variations.

Clothing warehouse management

Easily track all operations

The Imgz module manages the warehouse, speeding up the inventory control procedure and access to active/passive production cycles.

The intuitive interface allows easy tracking of all operations, from checking and aligning inventory, to transferring all sale items, to the reorder function.

Presentation of significant data

Organize orders, invoices, deadlines and more

Business Dashboard presents the most significant business data clearly and in a single screen. It allows you to organize orders, invoices, due dates, bids, reminders, Bills of Lading, garments sold, and outstanding accounts.

By accessing all the information usually scattered throughout the management system with just a few clicks, the manager will be able to successfully define business strategy.

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Other apparel management software: why they are needed

Integration of software that enhances your business

In addition to management software, other software complements our offerings, enhancing your apparel production management: business intelligence, CRM, and document and workflow management.

Business Intelligence: immediate presentation of data

Data management with an intuitive interface

Organizing the data is crucial: only then can effective strategies be outlined.

Fluent BI business intelligence software collects data from management and other archives (master, budget, market). Thesimple and straightforward interface enables budgeting and business analysis (sales and inventory) by monitoring business performance.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

CRM: customer and supplier relationship management

Track all your business negotiations

Our Odoo-based Cloud CRM solution manages business relationships by organizing all data related to customers and suppliers. By ensuring immediate traceability, it makes the information available to the entire organization.

The work of your business teams becomes smoother: at all times they can know the progress of business negotiations and the progress of marketing initiatives.


Document management and workflow: organizing business flows

Organize and share all significant documents

Rapido-ECS® sofware enables you to share files and functionality and to design internal processes and activity flows, connecting people, processes and content. The system automatically captures, recognizes and indexes documents, structuring them according to logics and hierarchies specific to your company. 

Document management and workflow
Document management and workflow
Software Development

Customized software development, integrated into business processes

Designed to meet your needs

We deal with the implementation of management software for apparel and textiles with different programming languages. We develop the software according to your needs, making it integrate into your business processes making them more effective.

Software Development

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