Business Intelligence

Fluent BI

Vertical business intelligence solution.

Fluent BI is the vertical business intelligence solution you've been looking for. Based on industry-leading Microsoft Power BI technology, Fluent BI helps managers and business leaders (CEOs, CFOs, sales and marketing directors, administrative managers, technical directors) make informed, fact-based decisions processed in real time.

Because of its flexibility, ease of use and scalability, Fluent BI is easily integrated with Target Cross management.

Business Intelligence
The Fluent BI Business Intelligence Solution

Fluent BI is the ideal Business Intelligence solution for your business.

Fluent BI consists of the following modules, all of which can be integrated with the Target Cross management system:
  • Financial statement analysis: captures and reclassifies accounting data, providing access to key financial indicators.
  • Business analysis: monitors sales trends and inventory data.
  • Management control: assesses the contribution of activities to business results and supports the development of timely and effective decisions.

Fluent BI helps you grow your business from data. With our expertise in analyzing and integrating different sources, we can create customized dashboards, reports, and queries for you.

Our insight enables you to accelerate and improve decision-making processes, increase operational efficiency, and identify new revenue opportunities. With our ability to identify market trends, you can create reports based on authentic KPIs and discover new business opportunities. Rely on Fluent BI to grow your business through data!

Learn about Fluent BI, business intelligence software

The business intelligence system: what it allows you to do

Monitor your business situation in real time

Fluent BI is business intelligence software that is flexible, easy to use, scalable, and capable of achieving specific goals, such as:

Access data on different business areas in order to analyze and aggregate them

Integrate data with historical data or from other sectors (Budget, Market Data, specific surveys)

Analyze deviations of current data with historical data

Conduct simulations to analyze different scenarios and check their impact on business results

Fluent BI for Management Control

An essential module for your business

Management control is an essential module of Business Intelligence, enabling you to evaluate business activities and make timely and effective decisions. Choose Fluent BI to get the most out of your business operations.

Process data taken from management to attribute direct and indirect costs to individual revenues, employing methodologies such as cost drivers and thus determining the marginality of each operation

Vary the parameters for calculating direct costs or distributing fixed costs, adapting to changes in the company or market

Create dynamic forecasts that take into account budgets and trends in your business

Produce analyses and distribute them to staff, giving each manager all the necessary information for analytical and predictive control.

Fluent BI: customizable business intelligence software

Classification and processing of all your data

We provide Fluent BI software: it pulls data from different sources in an interactive and intuitive way, simplifying the analysis process and helping to make fast and informed decisions.

Enablesfinancial statement analysis, capturing accounting data and reclassifying them, and making key financial indicators available. Allows business analysis, monitoring sales trends and inventory data.

It is essential to integrate the system to meet your specific business processes-that is why we make customizations and adaptations according to your needs.

Fluent BI is a solution based on Microsoft Power BI.

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