Business Intelligence

business intelligence software

Make data-driven decisions using business intelligence software.

To compete successfully in an ever-changing market, it is essential to make effective data-driven strategic decisions.

Thanks to the Business Intelligence solutions developed by DueEsseTi with Microsoft Power BI, you can access up-to-date, high-quality data and analysis in real time, transforming your business data into useful information for making informed and effective decisions. 

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Software: discover our solutions

DueEsseTi offers highly customized business intelligence software to meet your company's specific needs. We analyze your business needs to offer tailored solutions without wasting resources or time.

We use industry-leading Microsoft Power BI technology and advanced methods to ensure the accuracy of information.

Our BI experts will help you grow your business by starting with data, collecting it from different sources, analyzing it, integrating it, and creating customized dashboards, reports, and queries. Our goal is to help you gain maximum competitive advantage from your business.

Contact us if you are looking for a business intelligence partner that provides customized, effective solutions and quality support. We are here to help you make the most of your business data.

Business Intelligence software: Benefits

Monitor your business situation in real time

Automates and speeds up

Centralize data from different business areas in one system and define the relationship between different data sources to analyze and aggregate them efficiently.

Perform real-time analysis

Easily analyze your multi-dimensional business data from multiple sources using advanced visualization modes, artificial intelligence for data analysis, integration with Excel, and custom data connectors.

Protect your data

Keep your data protected with industry-leading security features, including importance labels, end-to-end encryption and real-time access monitoring.

Get accurate predictions

Conducts simulations to analyze different scenarios and check their impact on business results.

Fluent BI

Vertical Business Intelligence Solution

Using Microsoft Power BI technology, we have developed Fluent BI: a vertical business intelligence software, which can be integrated with Target Cross management software, divided into the following modules:

Budget Analysis

Commercial Analysis

Management Control

Are you looking for a partner who can provide you with customized and effective business intelligence solutions?

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