Kokous - Visitor Management Software

Effectively manage visitor access in the company

Proper visitor management in your business ensures security and confidentiality of your business areas and prevents potential customers from unnecessary waiting.

DueEsseTi offers a solution based on Kokous® visitor management software that enables efficient and automated visitor reception .

Visitor management: why access control is important

Security and control of all entrances to sites

For a company, especially a large one, it is essential to welcome visitors quickly, check who is in its premises, and arrange meetings and gatherings in a timely manner.

Visitor management systems (also known as visitor management) allow you to keep track of visitors who access your business.

By automating registration, identification and access authorization, they ensure the effective management of company areas and the safety of employees and visitors.

Some screenshots of the software

Visitor management systems: what they enable

Stores all data in one software

Visitor management systems simplify entry management by storing access and stay (in compliance with GDPR privacy regulations). All data are collected in a single software, reducing management costs and eliminating the use of paper.

The systems make it possible to:

Record the entry and exit of occasional and periodic visitors

Access the data of those in the company at all times

Obtain reports with a list of visitors at the sites, and view their history

Kokous®: the digital management of visitors and meeting rooms

Welcome visitors quickly and efficiently

Kokous® is the software that makes the reception desk digital: it allows you to manage the reception, registration and stay of visitors on the premises without staff intervention.

Access becomes automatic and autonomous: the visitor, by registering, generates a badge quickly and easily; check-in is by email invitation and scanning a QR-code.

Access and stays are stored and always accessible for attendance control.

In addition, Kokous® enables the use of meeting rooms and classrooms for meetings and gatherings.

Hybrid Working: tools for hybrid collaborative work

Effective management of work from home and onsite

The Hybrid Working service makes it easier to manage all the logistical and organizational aspects of hybrid working: it combines the advantages of home working with the collective and relational dimension onsite.

It provides an ergonomic workstation for working from home, a web portal, iOS/Android apps, and Kokous HW, an on-site device for recording access and attendance.

Through the portal it is possible to book offices, meeting rooms and desks and arrange meetings with colleagues, clients and suppliers; once on site Kokous HW identifies the user and allows access via QR Code .

Manage your reception in an organized and efficient way with Kokous visitor management software!

Contact us: our sales manager will introduce you to Kokous® and its potential.