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Learn about our information technology solutions for sales and distribution.

We make business and distribution software to manage inventory, agents, and sales and purchasing. In addition to management software, we offer solutions that improve business efficiency.

The program must fit your processes-that 's why we develop customized software created to meet your needs.

Warehouse management software - DueEsseTi

Management software for sales and trade: the features

Increases the efficiency of sales management

We offer programs for business by customizing Target Cross® sources. Management system modules make your business processes more efficient; the most important for sales are:

Warehouse management

Stock, inventory and more

Imgz speeds up the inventory control procedure (total and individual lot) and access to active/passive production cycles.

Manages inventory, allowing you to make adjustments, initiate merchandise transfers, check packing lists, and organize reorders.

Every operation iscarried out through an intuitive and immediate interface.  

Management for commercial agents

Everything you need for your agents

Fluent Order simplifies the management of your sales force. Integrates with ERP management, organizes data on customers, discounts and freebies, and promotion definition.

It is suitable for all industries (including Fashion): it is customized according to the industry.

Your agents will always have all technical and commercial documentation available.

Distribution management

All your data at your fingertips

The Distribution module deals with business functions (sales and purchasing) and warehouse management.

It allows you to efficiently organize everything related to distribution: purchase requisitions, agent mandates, commission calculations, invoicing, packing lists, inventory, job orders.

They say about us

Here is what companies in the trade and distribution sector that have successfully integrated our software into their business processes are saying:

More software for trade
and distribution: why they are needed

For complete management of your entire business activity

Other software complements our offerings for your business. By integrating them, you will augment your processes: business intelligence, CRM and document management.

Business Intelligence: intuitive presentation of data

Immediate management of all information

Fluent BI, business intelligence software, manages data from a variety of business sources, making it available in an easy-to-read key.

Allows you to monitor budget analysis and business analysis (sales and inventory). It thus facilitates the analysis of your company's performance and the definition of strategies to follow.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

CRM: effective management of your business contacts

Contacts always centralized and traceable

Odoo CRM manages all your contacts (incumbents, prospects, suppliers) in a unified, centralized and traceable way.

With all customer information always available, sales, marketing, and after-sales personnel will increase the productivity of their activities.


Document management and workflow: not just archiving

Digitize and connect your business

Rapido-ECS® software connects people, processes and content. It captures and indexes documents and enables workflows to be built across business teams.

The system generates all operational links and sequences: content and documents will be shared automatically within the organization.

Document management and workflow
Document management and workflow
Software Development

Tailor-made software: boost business efficiency

Customized to your needs

We develop sales management software employing various programming languages.

To be functional, it must integrate into your business processes.We make the software according to your needs, after analyzing your situation and defining the best solution.

Software Development

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