Software Development

Custom software development

We develop tailor-made IT solutions for the customer

We specialize in developing customized and tailored software to optimize business management.

Our customized software, sewn to your business needs and processes, provides added value to your business by improving the management of work activities.

With over two decades of experience, we offer efficient custom software and direct, customer-focused service. Choosing our services means relying on qualified professionals in the implementation of customized software projects.

Software Development

Custom software development: ERP, CMS, CRM, BI, apps and many more

Software solutions tailored just for you

We work on the creation and development of custom software (CMS, custom apps, ERP and CRM management, business intelligence software) for companies active in numerous industries. 

Cms and other custom software

Simplicity, speed,

We carry out analysis, design and development of CMS and custom software designed specifically on your requirements. We ensure unique and quality solutions, characterized by simplicity, speed and efficiency.


In native language
or cross-platform

We develop native-language or cross-platform apps that can perform various functions (sell products, function offline, convey payments, track real time activities, and more).

Customized management software

To make your processes more efficient

We possess more than 20 years of experience in the installation and implementation of ERP management software. We take care of software development while also applying radical customizations: it is essential that the business management system integrates into your company's specific processes.


Keeping track of
all customers and potential customers

We tailor CRM software, customizing theOdoo CRM app based on your needs, which will efficiently organize all your interactions with leads and customers.

What languages do we use to build custom software

Proven experience in the use of various programming languages and methodologies

Our developers are highly skilled in software development due to their long experience and established knowledge in the use of different programming languages (Android, Angular, Bootstrap,, Instant Developer, Omnis, Php, Python, WordPress, Xamarin), platforms, database management systems (MongoDB, MySQL, SQLServer) and development methodologies (agile and waterfall).

Choosing our services means relying on professionals who guarantee the highest quality and reliability in the implementation of software projects.

How custom software creation is carried out

Two methodologies for development, chosen according
to your needs

Putting the customer at the center for us is fundamental: the software we make supports business and fits the logic of your company's operations.

Waterfall method

Phase-by-phase development

The waterfall (or cascade) methodology is the classic one: each stage is fully implemented before moving on to the next.

Analysis and design

In the first phase, our research and development manager outlines the software design together with the client, identifying general and detailed specifications in line with your needs.

Project development and testing

The software is created and developed based on agreed objectives. We provide your contact person with up-to-date, accurate and consistent reports and feedback. By testing we verify that the software is fully functional.

Software delivery

We maintain a constant discussion with the client, who will receive highly efficient software upon delivery. We take care of installing, configuring and parameterizing it.

Maintenance and service

We guarantee maintenance and support even after the sale and delivery of the software. Our trained technicians will respond to your needs and issues via telephone help-desk and email contact.

Agile Methodology

Development in iterative mode

In the agile methodology, work steps are repeated in an iterative manner: this optimizes time and resources while maintaining a constant relationship with the client.

Constant planning with the client

Discussion with the client is crucial: we analyze your needs, define goals, and incorporate all necessary modifications and changes during the course of software implementation.

Design and project development

Design and development phases are scheduled over short periods, with short-term goals and focus. We employ lightweight development technologies, thus reducing production time.

Testing and feedback

Testing (applied to code, data, models, and documentation) verifies that the entire system is working properly. Your feedback allows us to understand what changes need to be made.

Sprints: flexibility in response to your needs

The methodology is done in sprints: once we have achieved the short-term goal and received the client's approval, we start working on a new goal again.

Why choose us and our software customization

Experience in different fields,
attention to your needs

Our software house has 20 years of experience in creating customized products. We customize software by making it seamlessly integrate with and facilitate your business processes. We collaborate with companies in different sectors, including manufacturing, large-scale retail and apparel. We are therefore able to handle the specific potential and critical issues that characterize the various sectors. We offer direct and constant service, putting ourselves at the complete disposal of the client.

Think about your custom software today: request a consultation

Book an appointment with our sales manager: he will listen to your needs and propose some solutions to start the design of your customized software.