Information technology and systems services

Information Technology and Systems Services (Hardware and Software)

Efficient and secure solutions to improve your business processes

Efficiency, security and communication: our IT and systems services offering is based on these three concepts.

With the support of consultants and a network of partnerships, we offer your company hardware and software services that will improve business operations while increasing productivity.

Information technology and systems services (hardware and software)

To increase IT management and security

We develop ERP and customized software and also support companies in the implementation and management of IT services.

Hardware and infrastructure services

Cabling, applications,
control of servers and systems

We offer computer cabling implementation and maintenance services, ensuring the proper functioning of the local area network.

We configure protocols for installation and management of enterprise applications and develop templates for monitoring and troubleshooting in the Domain environment.

Choosing our services means checking the status of servers and systems, taking prompt corrective measures to ensure maximum business efficiency.

Wiring Service
Wiring Service
Security Service

Systems security
computer systems

To protect data
and operating systems

We offer hazard planning and prevention services for application systems, increasing the resilience and responsiveness of IT supports.

We provide pre- and post-sales technical assistance to safeguard production activities and reduce management, administrative and legal risks. We also perform information security support services, deploying privacy policy management software and customized firewall systems.

Choosing our services means ensuring the security of data and access to private network systems.

Security Service

Corporate communication services

Voice over IP, video conferencing
and beyond

We manage the Voice over IP service and connection network to carry out telephone conversations over the Internet.

We build web-based environments for video conferencing and provide telecommunications for network access and server administration.

We also offer anti-virus and anti-spam filters to ensure security and reliability. Choosing our services means increasing communicability and business security.


VOIP Services
VOIP Services

Maintenance services and information technology consulting

ICT serving the growth of your business

We offer consulting to help your business understand how to best use information technology (ICT) to achieve your business goals.

Maintenance & Management

Technical support

We offer technical support for the management and maintenance of information components of production facilities. We provide integrated management systems for the coordination and organization of all business functions.

Business consulting services

To find the most suitable solutions

We offer business consulting services to find efficient IT solutions. in the areas of Business Analysis, Administration, Training, Organization, Marketing & Sales, Quality.


At your side to
your privacy

We offer consulting services to bring companies in line with Italian and European regulations, especially for GDPR. Our consultant will help your company design, audit and maintain an organized personal data management system, taking appropriate security measures, in compliance with the regulations.

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