Fluent Fashion ERP: Fashion and Apparel Management

Streamline operations, optimize processes, improve efficiency and increase the profitability of your business with our custom ERP software for the fashion industry, based on Odoo.
Textile sector

Our ERP solution for the fashion industry

Manage with a single platform the entire process

Our ERP solution for the fashion industry based on Odoo Enterprise allows the entire process to be managed with a single platform: from design to sales, and provides real-time information on all operational stages.

By integrating processes and information, our all-in-one fashion and apparel management software enables you to optimize activities throughout the value chain, make more effective decisions based on real-time data, improve collaboration within the company, and increase customer satisfaction, driving growth in sales and profit margins.


An integrated, all-in-one management platform such as Odoo ERP brings together all customer, order, product, supplier and inventory information in one place, enabling the company to:

  • Have a complete view of the production process: from design to sales.
  • Improve communication with suppliers and the sales network
  • Increase flexibility in procurement
  • Reduce costs and surpluses
  • Reduce production time and time-to-market
  • Optimize warehouse management
  • Improve quality and reduce returns

The main benefits are:

  • Increased efficiency - By supporting users in managing complex processes, avoiding data re-entry, automating and improving functions such as order fulfillment, Fluent Fashion enables fashion companies to be more efficient.
  • Increased productivity - Our Odoo-based ERP solution for the apparel and textile industry connects all information and provides a 360-degree view of the business. With easy access to all processes and real-time business data, managers can make quick and informed decisions, improving productivity.
  • Increased profitability - Better business organization results in reduced operating costs. With our Fluent Fashion fashion and apparel management software you can control inventory accurately and make accurate forecasts of the quantities needed to meet customer demands.
    Fluent Fashion also enables you to reduce the amount of inventory along the production line and reduce lead times.
  • Improved collaboration and communication. Our ERP solution provides a unified communication channel between all departments in the company, facilitating the flow of communications. This, in turn, promotes better collaboration.
  • More satisfied customers - With the benefits of an ERP solution specifically for the apparel and fashion industry, you can meet the ever-increasing demands of consumers by delivering higher quality products in less time, reducing waste and returns.

Fluent Fashion for your business

Main Features

Management of sizes, colors, and other product specifications

Fluent Fashion allows you to quickly and easily manage all the variants and technical specifications of which a fashion item is composed, such as: colors, sizes, washing, composition, collection.

Price List Management

Fluent Fashion allows flexible management of price lists, by brand, collection, variant product, etc., allows mark up/marginality, by sales channel or promotional launches.

Sales Management

Fluent Fashion allows selling in typical fashion modes: Loose Sizes, Assortments, Packs, without any possibility of error and loss of time.

Fluent Fashion's sales module also allows you to create a B2B or B2C e-commerce, customized to your needs, extremely flexible and synchronized with your warehouse and management system.

Additional Features

Our vertical fashion and apparel management software Fluent Fashion also offers all the functionality already provided by the Odoo ERP: 

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