Development and installation of other software (quality)

We work throughout the territory, particularly in Lombardy and Piedmont

Twenty years of experience have consolidated our knowledge in the computer industry and mastery of codes and functionalities. In addition to management software, we are involved in the development and installation of other types of software.

Evolution is continuous: we research and implement new solutions to increase the efficiency of your daily business processes.

The software offering: quality management

Solutions to improve the management of your business

We propose software to address key needs for your business, including product and service quality management.

IQS: quality control software

Integrated management of
quality, environment and safety

IQS is the solution for integrated management of quality, environment and safety systems in accordance with ISO standards. It can be applied to all systems (ISO 9000, QS-9000, ISO 14001), adapting to your business processes. By integrating with MRP/ERP management systems, IQS accelerates access to information, thereby allowing you to eliminate duplicate and multiple entries.

Why add these software to the enterprise information system

Efficient and intuitive management of your business

These software programs make your business even more efficient. By integrating into your business processes, they allow you to more intuitively manage all your data, customer relationships, and the organization of your activities, reducing management time and costs.

Quality management software presentation: ask for it now!

Contact us: our sales manager will introduce you to the quality management software, with its adaptation possibilities.

We are operating in the territories of Como, Lombardy and Piedmont.