ERP management

ERP Management Systems

Manage your digital transformation with tailored ERP solutions from DueEsseTi.
Using different systems and disconnected data can reduce accuracy and visibility, limiting the company's profitability. 
Our customized ERP solutions enable integrated management of business processes and data, increasing productivity and maximizing ROI. 
ERP management
ERP solutions proposed by DueEsseTi
DueEsseTi provides customized ERP solutions and verticalized modules to simplify business process management. 
Our ERP solutions are based on the Target Cross® platform, a multi-platform, modular and scalable object-oriented management software that allows all business data and processes to be managed in a single database. 
As a Target Cross® partner for Lombardy and Piedmont, we can provide state-of-the-art ERP solutions for business operations. Contact us to find out how DueEsseTi's customized ERP solutions can help your business improve operational efficiency.

DueEsseTi implements and develops ERP solutions based on the Odoo platform, an all-in-one software that started as an open source ERP and now offers a large integrated suite of apps, including CRM, sales, e-commerce, and CMS.

This platform is designed to handle all the IT needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

DueEsseTi is a Ready Partner of Odoo. Because of our experience using Odoo, we are able to customize ERP solutions for each client's specific needs. 

What is an ERP

Using diverse and heterogeneous software can make managing data, employees and workflows difficult, and doing so efficiently can seem nearly impossible. Implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can radically change the way you work.
An ERP system organizes all business data and functions, from finance to production, from sales to human resource management, into a single information system. This eliminates duplication of information and ensures that all stakeholders have access to the same information.

An ERP system represents a single source of information that provides a real-time view of business data. This makes it easier for managers to make informed decisions and maximize business efficiency.

Benefits of an ERP system

Implementing a high-quality ERP system offers many benefits to companies, including:

  • Automation of processes and communications
  • Improved visibility of business data
  • Elimination of boundaries between departments in the company
  • Increased overall operational efficiency
  • Optimization of productivity


In summary, adopting an ERP system can help reduce business costs, increase profitability and drive sustainable business growth. Find out how our ERP solution can help your business achieve these competitive goals.

Customized vertical solutions by industry

Using our extensive experience in specific industries, we have developed highly customized vertical software that utilizes the great flexibility of Target Cross® and Odoo ERPs. These vertical software are designed to offer solutions tailored to the needs of companies operating for the following industries:

Industrial Production

Manage the entire production cycle and processing

Trade and Distribution

For all your inflows and outflows

Textiles and Clothing

Sizes, fabrics, items: your entire assortment


Control tables, orders, receipts and more

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